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" In the heart of Paris a design studio dedicated to the creation of luxury goods, perfume bottles, watches, custom made jewels and high-end jewelry".

With a rich background in creative endeavors within the realm of luxury, particularly in jewelry, precious object design, and horology, Frédéric Mané collaborates with esteemed houses, emerging brands, and prestigious high jewelry workshops on Place Vendôme, ensuring the utmost trust and confidentiality.


For the past 20 years, his expertise as an artistic director and brand builder enables him to provide meticulous technical oversight throughout the entire process of conceptualizing and crafting pieces, from inception to fabrication, navigating both the intricacies and subtleties with finesse. Additionally, he holds the position of president within the "Jewelry Designers and Creators" group and serves as an administrator within the esteemed French Jewelry Union, established in 1864.

Hailing from the south of France, where he spent his formative years along the Mediterranean coast, immersed in the dreamlike ambiance of his family's toy store, Mané brings forth a perspective that is both playful and keenly attuned to the mastery of craftsmanship within his domain, a trait sought after by numerous illustrious houses.

Internationally, he serves as a discerning strategic consultant in marketing reflection, contributing with relevance and pragmatism to brand development beyond mere design, encompassing aspects of image, communication, production logic, and customer experience.

Regularly undertaking missions in the Middle East and Asia, he presents collections and exceptional co-signed projects showcased in national museums. He engages directly with a select clientele of private collectors and royal families, crafting unique, bespoke pieces tailored to a diverse array of styles and sensitivities.

The studio has been honored with the JANUS "Heritage & Innovation" label by the esteemed French Institute of Design.

 Private customers

- Custom made -

" Discover the creative secrets of french high-end jewelry that tells

your story ... "

In order to give life to your dream of having a unique piece of highjewelry, I will accompany you throughout the creation of your unique projet.

Your love, your imagination and your story will express itself through a piece a jewelry that you will see born before your own eyes in the workshop.


Your dream will take form in the heart of Paris amongst the finest workshops dedicated to luxury jewelry design who use only certified precious stones

- Design studio -

 A workshop filled with creativity two steps from place Vendôme.


A rich creative universe that incorporates all styles and inspirations, our studio is where design is transformed into concept, starting with hand drawn sketches.

The studio offers its expertise both in the knowledge of rare stones and innovative materials.

It proposes the best traditional practices paired with new technology in order to create collections and exceptional pieces.

From the creation of our collections to their fabrication, a spirit of collaboration assures that the specificities each design house, each marketing team and each artistic director are respected.


-  Brand Consulting -

First-hand knowledge


-Brand building expertise and concept

-Image strategy and communication tools

-Analysis and style advice for targeted markets

-Market partnership and strategic development

- Artistic direction.

 - Design -

A strong force of creativity


-Innovation, tailoring a concept, moodboards

-Can adapt existing collections while maintaining certain specifications

- Hand drawnsketches, jewelry paintings scale1, illustrations, graphics, DAO

-Selecting stones and materials according to budget.

 - Prototyping -

 Transforming the design into a prototype


 -Technical map, explosed view, mock-up

-CAO Software for 3D resin and wax printing, 3D animation

-3D PDF animation and realistic images.


 - Fabrication -

 Hands-on approach during production


-Managing the estimate

-Producing technicals specification sheets

-Setting maps, production maps

-Production follow through and viability check.


Frédéric Mané


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